Fall is here and with that comes pumpkin everything, cooler weather, gorgeous fall foliage

and… home projects!


We know that every fall you hear over and over that it’s time to do some fall clean up, like clear

out your gutters or service your HVAC system. But we also know how truly important these

little tasks are for keeping your home looking and running it’s best. Deferred maintenance can

cause a lot of problems in the home, from less efficient energy usage caused by drafty windows

and doors to potentially frozen pipes from not disconnecting hoses or clearing irrigation lines.

And the longer you wait the more expensive these problems are to fix in the long run.

Tackling a lot of these items now will help you through winter and if you can get to the yard

work now, your lawn will thank you well into spring. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry,

we’ve come up with a comprehensive list (Linked here) to help keep you on track.

As always, if you need recommendations for someone to help you with these tasks, just call us!

We’d be happy to connect you with someone.